Mannheim Mennonite Church


DH2053 DH2218 Commemorative Plaque Mannheim Mennonite Church cemetery, 2009 Latschar (Mannheim) Mennonite Church, 1960 Mannheim Mennonite Church, 1983 Latschar (Mannheim) Mennonite Church, 1920 Latschar Mennonite meetinghouse, 1900 Latschar (Mannheim) Mennonite Church, 1930 1994-1.74 Latschar (Mannheim) Mennonite Church, 1965 Ruth Anne Laverty, pastor  2007- Dave Tiessen, pastor 1996-2004 Doris Weber, interim pastor 1994-1996 Nancy Brubaker, interim pastor 2004-2006 Mannheim Mennonite Church, March 2009 Preparing to move the 1908 church building Preparing to move uphill. James Reusser; Helen Reusser, pastors 1976-1994; 1985-1994 Moses C. Bowman, pastor 1889-1933 Lorne Schmitt, pastor 1937-1945 Don Wenger, pastor 1964-1967 Gordon Bauman, pastor 1967-1976 J. Wesley Witmer, pastor 1922-1937

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Document Mennonite women's groups in Waterloo Region: pioneer leaders for more than a century The Women's Mission and Service Commission formally started in 1971, but is rooted in a long history of women's volunteerism in the Mennonite community.   Alisa McClurg 2009-05-21 17:08:07
Location 1494 Bleams Rd., Petersburg, ON, N0B 2H0 Location of Mannheim Mennonite Church.   2009-03-12 16:57:17
Document Mannheim Mennonite Church (Petersburg, Ontario, Canada) Originally known as Latschar Mennonite Church, it was formally organized in 1832. Located at 1494 Bleams Road, Petersburg, Ontario . The language of service is English and transitioned from German in the early 1900's. The church originated through immigr   2009-03-12 16:57:15
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